How This Works

My name is Dominic McKelvey and I am officially entering the SC Natural Body Building Contest on April 28,  2018  some date in 2018 (No goal is unreachable, you just have to adjust your timeframes). I started this process on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  Checkout my goals, starting weight, and starting pictures here.

I will check in weekly to provide information on fat and weight loss and provide my measurements (inches loss).   This site will be my journal.   You will find out what has been working and more importantly what has not.  Information on the process can be found by visiting The Journey link.

You can also follow the beard growth by visiting The Beard link.

The Trim will provide guest blogs and feature topics covering fitness tips, beard grooming, motivation, and much more.

Find all your Beard Til 6 Pack, Team ATP, and other apparel in our store by clicking the link for The Gear.

My trainer David Williams of ATP Fitness will guide me throughout this journey.  He will provide meal plans, workouts, and make any modifications to help me reach my goals.

Thank you for stopping by.  Checkout the site and let me know what you think. Time to get to work.. #BeardTil6Pack

The Buzz

Week 02 of 22

This has been an eventful week.  It began with me visiting my nephrologist (kidney doctor).  In 2009 while going through the donor process to provide my mom a kidney, I was diagnosed with the same disease which placed her on dialysis.  My disease is dormant, but I still have bi-annual checkups.  During the visit my doctor placed …


Team ATP is the official sponsor of the Beard Til 6 Pack Movement.  They provide the meal plans and workout plans.   Continue reading “Sponsors”

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